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Märklin 55082 Gauge I SNCF Class 241-A Steam Locomotive, Epoch VI

Märklin · Gauge I · Steam Locomotive · Tender Locomotive

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Märklin 55082 Class 241-A

Märklin 55082
Class 241-A

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Prototype: Class 241-A heavy express train steam locomotive with a tender. Version as a class 241-A-65 museum locomotive as it looked on the French State Railways (SNCF). The locomotive looks as it currently does in operating condition stationed at the Full-Reuenthal Depot in Switzerland.

Currently the most powerful operational steam locomotive in Europe.
Locomotive stationed at the Full-Reuenthal Depot in Switzerland.
Completely new tooling.
Highly detailed full metal construction.
Frame, superstructure, boiler, etc. constructed of die-cast zinc, separately applied parts constructed of brass.
New decoder generation with a current buffer and up to 32 functions.
Smoke unit with smoke exhaust and cylinder steam synchronized with the wheels and a steam whistle.
Headlights with a light color correct for the era and warm white LEDs.
Red marker light that can be controlled.
Two-color firebox lighting flickering.
Cab lighting.
mfx decoder for operation with AC power, DC power, Märklin Digital, and DCC.
Valve gear switchover (forward, reverse, continuous operation) in 3 steps with a servomotor.
Telex coupler on the rear, reproduction prototype coupler on the front (one (1) more of each included with the locomotive).
Telex coupler in the rear, prototype coupler in the front (one of each additionally included with the model).

Model: The locomotive is completely new tooling and is constructed of metal. It has a frame, superstructure with boiler, and cab constructed of die-cast zinc. Other separately applied parts are mostly constructed of brass. This is a highly detailed model with many separately applied parts and a detailed engineer's cab. The sand hatch can be opened as can the smoke box door with central locking. The cab doors can be opened and much more. The locomotive has an mfx digital decoder with 32 functions, controlled high efficiency propulsion, and a sound generator with operating sounds synchronized with the wheels as well as extensive sound functions. It can be operated with AC power, DC power, Märklin Digital, and DCC. The locomotive has a built-in buffer capacitor. All driving axles powered. The locomotive has a built-in smoke unit with smoke exhaust and cylinder steam synchronized with the wheels and a steam whistle. The locomotive has running gear lights and triple headlights with a light color correct for the era and that change over with the direction of travel. The headlights will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. Maintenance-free, warm white LEDs are used for the lighting. The locomotive has a red marker light that can be controlled. The locomotive has cab lighting and multi-colored firebox lighting (flickering). The locomotive comes with sprung buffers. There is a reproduction of the prototype coupler on the front and a remote-controlled Telex coupler on the rear of the tender, which can be replaced by either of the other types of coupler. The valve gear switchover is in 3 steps (forward, reverse, continuous operation). An accessory package with a reproduction of the prototype coupler, a Telex coupler, smoke fluid, and a figure of a locomotive engineer and a fireman is included with the locomotive. The locomotive is mounted on an aluminum base painted black for display purposes. Minimum radius for operation 1,020 mm / 40-3/16". Length over the buffers 83.8 cm / 33". Weight approximately 8.2 kilograms / 18 pounds 1 ounce.
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Role model
Dampflokomotive Serie 241-A

Die goldene Zeit des Reisens
Mit Beginn der 1930er Jahre erschienen die mächtigen Dampfloks der Reihe 241 A auf Frankreichs Schienen. In den „goldenen“ Zeiten des Reisens vor dem Zweiten Weltkrieg beförderten sie schwere Schnellzüge zwischen Paris und den Atlantikhäfen Cherbourg und Le Havre sowie zwischen Paris und Basel. Dort gehörte auch der berühmte Arlberg-Orient-Express zu ihren Aufgaben. Nach Kriegsende fuhren sie bis 1965 hauptsächlich zwischen Paris und Straßburg sowie Paris und Basel. Erhalten blieben die 241 A 1 im Eisenbahnmuseum Mulhouse sowie die 241 A 65 als größte betriebsfähige Dampflok Europas in der Schweiz.

Class 241-A Steam Locomotive

The Golden Period of Travel
The mighty class 241 A steam locomotive appeared on France's rails at the start of the Thirties. In the "golden" period of travel before World War II, it pulled heavy express trains between Paris and the Atlantic harbors of Cherbourg and Le Havre as well as between Paris and Basle. The latter assignment also included the famous Arlberg Orient Express. After the end of the war, it ran until 1965 mainly between Paris and Strasbourg as well as Paris and Basle. The class 241 A 1 remains preserved at the Mulhouse Railroad Museum as well as in Switzerland as road number 241 A 65, the largest operational steam locomotive in Europe.

Locomotive à vapeur série 241-A

L'âge d'or du voyage
Au début des années 1930 apparurent les puissantes locomotives à vapeur de la série 241 A sur les rails français. A l'âge d’or du voyage, avant la seconde guerre mondiale, elles remorquaient de lourds trains rapides entre Paris et les ports de Cherbourg et du Havre, ainsi qu’entre Paris et Bâle. Le célèbre Orient-Express Arlberg comptait alors parmi les trains remorqués. Après la fin de la guerre, elles circulèrent jusqu’en 1965 essentiellement entre Paris et Strasbourg ainsi qu’entre Paris et Bâle. Les 241 A 1 furent conservées au Musée du chemin de fer de Mulhouse, tout comme la 241 A 65 en Suisse en tant que plus grosse locomotive à vapeur d'Europe.