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ESU 58813 Gauge Neutral LokSound 5 micro DCC/MM/SX/M4 "blank decoder", single wires, with Speaker 11x15mm

ESU · Gauge Neutral · Digital · Decoder with sound

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ESU 58813 LokSound 5 micro

ESU 58813
LokSound 5 micro

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LokSound 5 micro DCC/MM/SX/M4 "blank decoder", single wires, with Speaker 11x15mm, gauge: N, TT, H0

The LokSound 5 micro is actually a „small miracle“: With a footprint of 21mm x 10 mm it is by far the smallest LokSound decoder, which we have ever built. Thus it should fit into all N gauge and TT vehicles, but is also suitable for small H0 vehicles. All LokSound decoders are equipped with a Next18 interface and are available with adapter plugs to suit all popular digital interface types. The decoder is supplied with an 11mm x 15mm sugar cube speaker as well as a sound enclosure set.

Operating modes
The LokSound 5 micro is a true multi protocol decoder. It supports DCC as well as Motorola®, Selectrix® and M4. Of course it supports 14 through to 128 speed steps as well as 2 and 4 digit addresses in DCC format and up to 32 functions. Thanks to RailComPlus® the decoders register themselves fully automatically on suitable command stations.

This decoder supports all DCC programming modes and thanks to RailCom® you may read out the CV values on the main, provided you have a command station supporting RailCom®. There are utility registers for command stations that only facilitate programming of CVs ranging from 1 to 255.

Motorola® users benefit from up to 28 speed steps for 255 addresses. Three additional Motorola® addresses facilitate triggering of 16 functions. An integral programming mode even allows programming with the good old Control Unit 6021.

The M4 protocol supports the automatic registration on mfx® compatible central units.

The LokSound decoder supports the Märklin® braking sections just as well as the ZIMO® HLU braking commands or the Lenz® ABC system. Braking with DCC brake generators or with DC is also possible. Furthermore the locomotive with a LokSound will come to a halt when a Selectrix® braking diode is switched into the circuit. The ABC push-pull feature enables the automatic commuting between two stations.

The LokSound 5 micro decoder is also suitable for analogue DC and AC (!) layouts.
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2019, KW 27
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109,99 €

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