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Viessmann 8401
Programming device

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Description & specifications

With the programming device you can make many settings and software updates on your CarMotion vehicles.
It is connected with a USB cable to the charging socket of the vehicle and to a USB-A socket of a computer or a hub, adapter or similar.
The clear operating software (Windows/IOS) communicates with the vehicle, provides information about the charge status, the route driven, etc.
It is also used to conveniently set various vehicle parameters, such as speed, active functions, light brightness and much more.
In particular, the desired reactions of the vehicle to the commands that can be triggered by means of the magnet arrangements in the roadway are adjusted.
Configurations can also be easily copied between vehicles.

You can find the software here:
Manufacturer: Viessmann
Gauge: H0
Delivery Date:2022
Manufacturer price:24,50 €

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