H0 1:87
Power system AC
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Train Safe TSV-H03L-030-S
Vision 30

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Opis i dane

Display case "Vision"; 30 cm.

Acrylic glass tube with track system (16.5 mm) incl. 2 hoods; internal dimensions: width: 47 mm / height: 75 mm; length: 300 mm.

Display case for AC-models in 1:87 scale (gauge H0); available in 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 and 90 cm length.

This showcase together with its accessories makes your model trains come alive. Operation of train lighting, stationary operation inside the showcase, run-out function – this showcase for model trains is able to do all of this in only a few steps.

The tubes feature brass profiles that are compatible with all common track systems (Märklin, Fleischmann, Roco, Peco etc.) thanks to a track adapter (GA-H03L et seqq.). It establishes the connection between the showcase and the system. You will never again have to take apart train units or re-rail locomotives. All you need to handle is the tube itself. The tube’s cross section is designed to prevent trains from derailing from the groove track under normal handling conditions.

Various accessories in stainless steel or aluminum for wall mounting extra available.

- clear view
- high-quality acrylic glass
- integrated track system
- UV protection
- dust-protected
- guaranteed transparency for decades
- full navigability with track adapter
- protection against derailment and slipping
- Made in Germany

Individual showcases can be created using the various sizes of tubes and mountings for the wall, table or ceiling. A solution customized to meet your own requirements, for your home, for the workshop or for sloping attic ceilings.
Producent: Train Safe
Nr artykułu:TSV-H03L-030-S
Skala: H0
System elektryczny: Prąd zmienny AC
wymiary (długość / szerokość / wysokość)300 x 47 x 75
Cena u producenta:67,50 €