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Train Safe TBA-Z
TBA mounting bracket arms for 1 tube

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TBA suspension arms for 1 tube
made of anodized aluminum. The profile bars are always in pairs and are supplied with screws and dowels. The TBA suspension arms are in pairs and are simply hung in the profile bars.

The profile bars are available in different lengths. In addition, by vertical alignment further length dimensions can be generated. Thus, an installation can be set up at any time, which makes the best possible use of available space.

For each tube length you only need two support points. When mounting the profile bars, you should aim for the shortest tube. However, an overhang of more than 1/3 of the total length should be avoided.

The mounting bracket arms are simply hooked into the slot grooves of the section bars.
Producent: Train Safe
Nr artykułu:TBA-Z
Skala: Z
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