H0 1:87
IV - V
Power system DC
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Roco 74188
3er SET "Vindobona" #1

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The wagon set 1 contains three passenger coaches of the express train D 374/375 "Vindobon/Hungaria" of the Hungarian State Railways.

The wagon set contains a 2nd class compartment coach Y/B-70 type B, a 2nd class couchette coach Y/B-70, type Bc and a sleeper Y/B-70 type WLAB.

■ Finely detailed models with extra applied plug-in parts
■ With true to original interior design

The train pairs IEx 74/75 "Hungaria" and D 374/375 "Vindobona" ran in the annual train schedules of the years 1986 to 1988 between Berlin-Lichtenberg and Praha hln and were designated D 374/375 "Vindobona / Hungaria". The coaches from Berlin to Vienna formed the main train composition and the carriages to Budapest were a group of through coaches. Our passenger carriage sets replicate a train in the timetable year 1987/1988.
Producent: Roco
Nr artykułu:74188
Skala: H0
Spółka kolejowa:MAV
Epoka:IV - V
System elektryczny: Prąd stały DC
Data wydania:KW 07 / 2022
Cena u producenta:181,90 €

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