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Games Workshop 87-58
Lumineth Realm Lords

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Description & specifications

Lumineth Realm Lords - Vanari Auralan Sentinels

Auralan Sentinels are skilled marksmen, wielding complex aelf bows that can either shoot straight ahead or cast their arrows in a high arc at distant enemies. When your High Sentinel directs power into their arrowheads, they become even more deadly.

Auralan Sentinels are an excellent ranged unit for your arms of the Lumineth Realm-lords, capable of salvaging enemies from a great distance. Empowered by magical power, they make short work of even heavily armored units. Meanwhile, the unit's scouting falcon lantern ensures that no one can evade its fire.

From this kit, 10 Auralan Sentinels can be built in a number of individual poses. With a choice of bows, quivers, and more, you can make sure that even the mightiest line of shooters doesn't look monotonous. This kit also contains options to build an Auralan Sentinel as a High Sentinel with a scouting falcon lantern.

This kit is unpainted and needs to be assembled. We recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Gauge: Neutral
Manufacturer price:45,00 €

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