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Games Workshop 87-23
Lumineth Realm Lords

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Lumineth Realm Lords - Vanari Bladelords

Vanari Bladelords are soldiers and scholars at the same time and a walking contradiction of the Lumineth philosophies. Even if they come from the Tyrionian nations and have dedicated themselves to mastering the martial art in all its forms, they settle in teclisian cities and spend just as much time studying the theory of martial arts. In return for the knowledge acquired by the most learned Scinari, the blade lords act as their guardians on the battlefield, cutting a swirling path through anyone who dares to threaten the mystics and scholars of their people.

Armed with two-handed sun metal swords, the supernaturally skilled blade lords are a whirlwind of blades for those foolish enough to attack these martial arts masters. You can choose between two fighting styles to suit your opponent, from single heavy blows that strike with impeccable precision, to a deadly metal whirlwind that punishes hordes of packed infantry. The banners on their backs, which they received from Scinari and which are woven from magical fabric, protect them from hostile spells so that they can better protect their wards.

This kit consists of 48 plastic parts from which you can build 5 Vanari Bladelords, with the option of building one as a male or female scarf, armed with a sun metal two-handed sword or sun metal twin blades. These models come with 5x Citadel 32mm round bases.

This kit is unpainted and requires assembly. We recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Gauge: Neutral
Manufacturer price:45,00 €

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