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Games Workshop 87-03
Lumineth Realm Lords

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Scroll Cards: Lumineth Realm Lords

Thanks to Aether Quartz, the brilliant Lumineth Realm-lords can devise new strategies in a matter of seconds, but common mortals like us need a little help - and that's exactly what these Scroll Cards are for. This must-have accessory turns all of your Lumineth Realm-lords scrolls into handy cards. Pick up the ones you need for battle and lay them out in front of you - looking up rules has never been easier!

This set also includes markers to keep track of ongoing effects so that you can focus on the battle instead of how much ether quartz you have left.

This set contains 28 scroll cards as a reference for units, endless spells and terrain, as well as two sheets printed on both sides with markers for triggering
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Gauge: Neutral
Manufacturer price:20,00 €

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