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Games Workshop 97-08
Blades of Khorne

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Blades of Khorne - Daemons Of Khorne Bloodletters

Mangers are lesser demons, also known as the foot soldiers of the Khorne, warriors of blood, fangs of death or the horned. They wear blood-drenched blades and march under banners that are blown by magical winds as they enumerate the names of their victims in gruesome chants. They are bestial creatures with drooling mouths and sharp teeth; their skin secretes blood instead of sweat, and their manes take on the shape of horns through dried blood.

This plastic box contains 10 complete miniatures. These finely detailed plastic kits contain tons of extra parts and accessories that allow you to assemble your Bloodletters in many different ways. Contains 10 Citadel 32mm Round Bases.

This kit is unpainted and needs to be assembled. We recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Gauge: Neutral
Manufacturer price:28,00 €

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