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Necrons: warriors + color set

The immortal legions of the Necrons stagger inexorably forward, wielding gruesome weapons. Her brass armor glows in the ominous green light of the malevolent energy that animates her.

This box is the perfect way to start your Necron collection. You will receive three plastic Necron warriors with expressive poses, the colors necessary to get them ready for battle, and a paintbrush so you can get started. These models can be plugged together and you only need a side cutter for assembly - no glue, no mess.

The six colors are in 12 ml pots and contain all the essential colors to paint the Necron warriors as members of the Szarekhan dynasty and also two technical colors - one for the design of textured bases and another to create a green glow :

- Runelord Brass
- Abaddon Black
- Runefang Steel
- Agrax Earthshade
- Astro granites
- Tesseract Glow

A Citadel Starter Brush is also included so you can get started quickly.
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Gauge: Neutral
Manufacturer price:30,00 €

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