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Games Workshop 48-21
Space Marines

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Description & specifications

Space Marines - Razorback

Razorbacks are common variants of the Rhino chassis that can be armed with a variety of powerful turret-mounted heavy weapon systems that provide effective fire support to the troops being carried before and after disembarking.

In addition to a selection of weapons for the tower - either a heavy twin bolter or a twin laser cannon - the kit contains a number of optional extras such as a spike ram, ammunition boxes, fuel canisters, a cable, smoke thrower, a Vox relay, a seeker missile and tow hook. The interior is completely designed and has a vox system and a bolter in a holder. Also included is an optional Space Marines driver / gunner.

A Razorback or a Rhino can be built from this 76-part plastic kit. An Ultramarines vehicle decal sheet is included.

This kit is unpainted and needs to be assembled. We recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Paints.
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Gauge: Neutral
Manufacturer price:35,00 €

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