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Wiking 035801
John Deere 7260R

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10,96 €
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12,72 USD
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John Deere 7260R

Fully transparent cab provides a clear view to the interior

Chassis with engine block and hood, steps, rear hydraulics and rear mud-guard interiors all in green. Upper parts of front mudguard, lower parts of rear mudguards, and exhaust pipe unit all in matt black. Cab transparent with black trim printing on sides. Roof in green. Front cab frame in matt black with silver auxiliary lamps. Front radiator grille in black, inserted, with duotone printed emblem. Interior with control console and steering wheel in brown. Headlamps transparent, taillights orange transparent. Turn indicators printed in orange, side model lettering “7260R” and “John Deere” printed in black & yellow. Rims in yellow. GPS receiver in orange on center of roof.
Producent: Wiking
Nr artykułu:035801
Skala: H0
Data wydania:2/2014
Cena u producenta:14,99 €

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