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Trix 23978
Add-On Car for ICE 4

Prix indicatif de fabricant: 119,00 €

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Description & données

intermediate car, class 412, 2nd class. Add-on ICE 4

Model: This is an add-on for the ICE 4 basic train in a length scale of 1:95. It has special close couplings with guide mechanisms. The car also has factory-installed LED interior lighting. The interior lighting is supplied with power from the continuous electrical connections for the entire train and only works and can only be controlled digitally when the car is coupled to the basic train. A set of decals with three (3) more car numbers for this car type is included Length over the buffers 30,1 cm

Factory-installed LED interior lighting.
Different lighting scenarios for the interior lighting controlled digitally only when the car is coupled to the basic train.

The 22971 basic train can be extended with the 23971 add-on set and the individual 23972 intermediate car. You can model a full 12-car ICE 4 by adding more individual intermediate cars.

This add-on intermediate car for the ICE 4 can be found in an AC version in the Märklin H0 assortment under item number 43725.
Fabricant: Trix
Référence :23978
EAN :4028106239786
voie: H0
Société ferroviaireDB AG
Époque :VI
Réseau électrifié: courant continu / 2 rails
Aménagement intérieur:Mit Inneneinrichtung ausgestattet
Aménagement intérieur:Mit Innenbeleuchtung ausgestattet
Date de parution :Q4/2022
Prix fabricant :119,00 €

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