TT 1:120
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Tillig 16030
Passenger coach KPEV

Prix indicatif de fabricant: 39,50 €

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Description & données

2nd/3rd class passenger coach of the KPEV

- Additional to set 01726
- interior lghting: 08857

From 1835 till the foundation the German State Railway (1920)
Epoch of railway construction from the beginnings to the completion of a cohesive rail network. The emergence of large national rail networks and numerous private railways of predominantly regional significance. Development of the steam locomotive up to the completion of its basic form. Colourful appearance of locomotives and carriages.

- Interior lighting possible to refit
- Equipped with interior decoration
- Coupling pick-up (NEM 358) and close coupling kinematics (NEM 358)
- Nominal size TT, scale 1:120, gauge 12 mm
- Length from buffer to buffer: 107 mm
Fabricant: Tillig
Référence :16030
EAN :4012501160301
voie: TT
Société ferroviaireKPEV
Époque :I
Date de parution :Q2/2018
Prix fabricant :39,50 €

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