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Fleischmann 807005
type C3 pr 11

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Description & données

3rd class compartment coach type C3 pr 11 with brakeman's cab of the DRG. Epoch II.

Sideways moveable middle axle. Coupler pocket according to NEM 355 standards with guide mechanism. The structural shape of the compartment wagon dates back to the beginnings of the railway history.

The type "pr 11" is one of the last built Prussian compartment cars with skylight roof and at the same time one of the most built passenger wagons in the German area. The three or two axle wagons were availabe with and without brakeman's cab. A few units can still be seen today on tracks of railways museums.
Fabricant: Fleischmann
Référence :807005
EAN :4005575043755
voie: N
Société ferroviaireDRG
Époque :II
Réseau électrifié: courant continu / 2 rails
Longueur hors tampons:78 mm
Coupleur:Boîtier d'attelage selon NEM 355 avec cinématique d'attelage court.
Date de parution :2019, KW 44
Prix fabricant :39,90 €

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