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Courant continu
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Fleischmann 863925
1st/2nd class fast train wagon

Prix indicatif de fabricant: 48,90 €

41,09 €
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40,08 USD
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Description & données

1st/2nd class fast train wagon type ABüm 225 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn.

UIC-X wagon: New design 2020 !

Wagon with many separately applied plug-in parts and true to original buffer height.

More than 6.145 express train passenger coaches of the DDB are designated UIC X-coaches. The coaches were put into operation from 1952 on. Some of them were used in D trains for half a century and operated in the Intercity traffic. These coaches offered an unmatched comfort never seen in Europe before. The UIC-X coaches immediately entered the high-quality express train service and were mainly used for foreign services and the transit and inter-zone transportation to West Berlin. These coaches quickly became standard in the GDR. Very soon, the existing F-train network with its until 1956 first and second class service (but later only the first class service), was supplied with UIC coaches. By the mid-1960s, all pre-war coaches which still operated in the express train traffic were replaced by UIC coaches.
Fabricant: Fleischmann
Référence :863925
EAN :4005575252294
voie: N
Société ferroviaireDB
Époque :IV
Réseau électrifié: courant continu / 2 rails
Aménagement intérieur:Mit Inneneinrichtung ausgestattet
Aménagement intérieur:Innenbeleuchtung nachrüstbar
Coupleur:Boîtier d'attelage selon NEM 355 avec cinématique d'attelage court.
Longueur hors tampons:165 mm
Date de parution :2021, KW 38
Prix fabricant :48,90 €

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