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Wiking 015302
MB 280 SE

Aanbevolen verkoopprijs van fabrikant: 19,99 €

14,61 €
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16,51 USD
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Store Detmold

Beschrijving & Gegevens

• Luxurious convertible with Kedzierski signature and gleaming with chrome

Classic and magnificent car bodies like this one bring out the unique stamp of authenticity that WIKING puts on decades of production that have long gone by. And, as with the Mercedes-Benz 280 SE, complete revitalisation sometimes merely requires some inspiration, stirring the desire to bring back to life the miniature that was originally crafted by legendary WIKING master model maker Alfred Kedzierski. It was the dream car on the roads of this world when WIKING head Fritz Peltzer commissioned his loyal master model maker with the task of creating a model of it with the then still common approximate scale of 1:90. The traditional model makers have now given this miniature an update following a revamp of its interior. It goes without saying that the model makers recreated the chocolate brown luxury convertible with great attention to detail. The result of these efforts is a long-awaited reunion with a highly prestigious passenger vehicle classic that is close to the hearts of entire generations of auto enthusiasts.

Body chocolate brown, chassis silver. Interior and folding top yellow-orange. Steering wheel black, inserted transparent headlamps. Wheel rims chocolate brown with Mercedes-Benz star painted silver. Bumpers and radiator grille silver, the latter imprinted with black surfaces. Side bumper strips and door handles imprinted silver. Rear type lettering “280 SE” with Mercedes-Benz star.
Fabrikant: Wiking
Spoor: H0
Tijdvak:III - IV
Verschijningsdatum:06 / 2021
Fabrikantprijs:19,99 €

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