H0 1:87
Power system DC
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Train Safe GA-H02L-C
Track adapter C

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Descripción y datos

Track adapter "Travel" for Trix C-track.

Adapter to join the ABS/PVC-transport-boxes (TST-H02L) with the Trix C-track system. This allows your rolling stock to be maneuvered directly into the box and out again.

The track adapter is supplied with fitting screws and a track connector. The track connector connects the adapter with the tracks. It is recommended to secure the adapter to the plate with screws to ensure the power supply.

Characteristcs of the C-track adapter:
- made of black acrylic glass
- track height 2.3 mm
Fabricante: Train Safe
Código artículo:GA-H02L-C
vía: H0
Sistema de corriente: DC
Precio del fabricante:25,00 €