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Train Safe WH-H0-7S
Wall Mounting Vision

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Descrizione e dati

Wall Mounting "Vision", for 7 tubes; height 87.5 cm.

This wall-mounting consists of a 30 cm wide acrylic glass plate. It is supplied with screws and dowels.

No power supply.

The TrainSafe wall-mounting systems are expandable, allowing your system to grow with your collection. Simply install the next system above or below.

- made of Plexiglas
- for 7 tubes
- supplied with screws and dowels

Picture show 3-tubes-variant (WH-H0-3S)!
Fabbricante: Train Safe
N. articolo:WH-H0-7S
Scala: H0
Altezza:87,5 cm
Prezzo del fabbricante:171,00 €

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