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Train Safe ST-02L-1E
Table stand Vision

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Descrizione e dati

Table stand "Vision", for 1 tube; short width.

The table stand has a width of 50 cm. The transparent acrylic back is directly connected with the black baseplate. Elastic buffers attached to the rear side prevent scratching of sensitive surfaces and provide additional support to the table stand.

With power supply.

This version with power supply has the connector cable for the digital vehicles directly installed at the baseplate and it runs out unobtrusively in the back. After the connection has been established, the table stand acts as a track circle, i.e. all digital functions may be accessed in the tube.

- made of Plexiglas
- for 1 tube
- height 27 cm
Fabbricante: Train Safe
N. articolo:ST-02L-1E
Scala: 0
Altezza:27 cm
Prezzo del fabbricante:168,00 €