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Train Safe PSA-48
Profile bar Alu 48

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Descrizione e dati

2 profile bars "Basic", aluminum; 48 cm (for 4 / 6 tubes).

Profile bar made of anodized aluminum. The profile bars are always in pairs and supplied with screws and dowels. The handles (TBA / TBAD) are in pairs and are mounted to the profile bars.

The profile bars are available in various lengths. Additional lengths may be generated through vertical apposition. This allows for an installation that best fits the available space.

Each tube length requires only two support points. When assembling the profile bars you should use the shortest tube as a guide. However, an overhang of more than 1/3 of the full length should be avoided.

The handles are mounted to the slot millings of the profile bars and in pairs they can - depending on the version - take one or two tubes.

Power supply for this system is not possible.

- anodized aluminum
- content: 2 pieces
- supplied with screws and dowels
- for 4 / 6 tubes
Fabbricante: Train Safe
N. articolo:PSA-48
Scala: Neutral
Lunghezza:48 cm
Contenuto:2 pz.
Prezzo del fabbricante:16,50 €

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