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Wiking 038138
loading vehicle

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Pöttinger Jumbo Combiline loading vehicle

The mighty loading vehicle, with which Pöttinger, the Austrian agricultural machinery manufacturer, has enjoyed large sales for many years, is undergoing modernisation: The pick-up is being given an updated outline, and the same applies to the modified printing. On the heels of the soaring sales enjoyed by forage harvesters and balers over the last two decades, the use of loading vehicles in agriculture moved into the fast track, and has remained there ever since. The Austrian family business, Pöttinger, has traditionally relied on loading vehicles and has now even become market leader in the segment for silage trucks, thanks to its extensive know-how. The powerful “Jumbo” loading vehicle is Pöttinger’s flagship product. WIKING is updating the 1:87 miniature, and by changing the pick-up unit has advanced agricultural machinery to the next level of technology. What is most striking: On the 1:87 miniature, the loading flap at the rear can be opened. The Jumbo Combiline range from Pöttinger, the Austrian agricultural machinery manufacturer, represents an innovative agricultural machinery concept, because the loading vehicle technology means two functions in a single agricultural machine. The 3-axle silage and harvest wagon delivers simultaneously maximum deployment flexibility and increased machine utilisation. With its high deployment efficiency, the Pöttinger Jumbo Combiline promises enormous cost effectiveness, and once again reinforces the importance of this loading vehicle system as the process of the future. The assembly of current agricultural machinery creates completely new possibilities for fans of WIKING agricultural machinery.

Black chassis, red loading vehicle superstructure and pick-up. Light grey flanks inserted. Black pick-up wheels are attached. Wheels silver. Front side printed yellow. Green “Pöttinger”, “Jumbo”, and “Combiline” lettering.
Fabricante: Wiking
Código artículo:038138
vía: H0
Fecha de aparición:Q3/2020
Precio del fabricante:19,99 €

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