H0 1:87
Power system DC
Nota según la directiva de seguridad de juguetes de la UE 2009/48/CE: Atención, no apto para menores de 15 años.

Roco 74804
Type Bcme

PVP del fabricante: 66,90 €

56,22 €
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59,17 USD
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Descripción y datos

2nd class couchette coach type Bcme of the railway company of the German Democratic Republic (Deutsche Reichsbahn).

Complete new construction in the scale 1:87!

■ Model of the type Bautzen with true to original roof, modified front and entry areas
■ Model features partially closed curtain replicas on the windows
■ Freestanding handles
■ Buffer beams suitable for later mounting
■ With true to original interior furnishing

The name of the coaches is derived from its production facility, the Reichsbahnausbesserungswerk (Raw) Halberstadt. In the 1980s, the production of an express train corridor coach without air conditioning based on the UIC-Z specifications got started.
The new coaches were painted in the green and beige livery of the DR, as became normal for all express train coaches from the mid-1980s on. When not used in express trains on the lines of the German Democratic Republic, the coaches were also often found on transit and international trains.
Fabricante: Roco
Código artículo:74804
vía: H0
Empresa ferroviaria:DR
Sistema de corriente: DC
Decoración de interiores:Mit Inneneinrichtung ausgestattet
Decoración de interiores:Innenbeleuchtung nachrüstbar
Enganche:Schacht NEM 362 mit KK-Kinematik
Longitud entre topes:303 mm
Fecha de aparición:Quartal I/2022
Precio del fabricante:66,90 €