H0 1:87
Power system DC
PluX22 Decoder (NEM 658)
Nota según la directiva de seguridad de juguetes de la UE 2009/48/CE: Atención, no apto para menores de 15 años.

Roco 70180
class 650

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210,00 €
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Descripción y datos

Diesel railcar class 650 "Regio Shuttle" of the Deutsche Bahn.


■ For the first time with PluX interface
■ Ideal for the use on branch lines
■ Elaborately designed interior

For operation on less frequented lines, the Deutsche Bahn purchased a new local railcar in 1999 to replace older designs. The choice fell on the RegioShuttle 1, developed by the company ADtranz, which was designated class 650 by the DB AG. This type of vehicle has established itself mainly in southern Germany. The RS 1 is characterised above all by its innovative, trapezoidal-shaped ribbon windows. Two diesel engines with almost 250 HP each take the low-floor train to a top speed of 120 km/h. With an empty weight of 40 tonnes, the railcar, which offers seats for up to 101 passengers, is rather a lightweight vehicle.
Fabricante: Roco
Código artículo:70180
vía: H0
Empresa ferroviaria:DB AG
Sistema de corriente: DC
Decoder digital:Nein
Interfaz digital:Elektrische Schnittstelle für Triebfahrzeuge PluX22
Ejes de tracción:2
Numéro de aros de adherencia:1
Volante de inercia:
Enganche:Schacht NEM 362 mit KK-Kinematik
Longitud entre topes:293 mm
Radio minimo:358 mm, in Doppeltraktion 419 mm
Decoración de interiores:Mit Inneneinrichtung ausgestattet
Luz delantera:3-Spitzenlicht fahrtrichtungsabhängig / 2-Schlussleuchten, fahrtrichtungsabhängig
LED Spitzenlicht
Fecha de aparición:KW 18 / 2022
Precio del fabricante:249,90 €


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