TT 1:120
Power system DC
Note to EU Toys Directive 2009/48/EC: Warning, not suitable for children under 15.

Tillig 08131

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Description & specifications

TILLIG-Controller TFi2 with pulse width control

• Excellent running caracteristics over the whole
speed range
• Extremely slow running speeds possible
• Linear speed increase over the whole control range,
alternatively, 4 different non-linear control curves
can be selected
• Automatic deceleration to stand still and restarting
with braking/starting delay
Pulse width control of a new dimension:
• Practically constant LED illumination in the models,
even when travelling slowly
• Correct motor-coach lighting for the chosen running
direction, despite the pulsed voltage
Convenient operation:
• Wide range of adjustment for speed control
at the rotary knob (270°)
• Output display as an LED ring strip corresponding
to the controller position
• Toggle switch for running direction changes
• Running direction indicated by colour-coding
of the display
• For all 12 V DC-models
• Compatible with bell-armature
• Practically constant operating
voltage as a clean, noise-free
square wave
• Output current approx. 1 A
• Automatic cut-out in case of
short-circuit or overload
• Power supply via mains power
adapter (supplied)
• Housing suitable for side-by-side
mounting, Demensions approx.
138 x 80 x 40 mm
With automated shuttle train control
• Shuttle train automatic control without an additional
relay circuit (with rail contacts with diode circuit –
Printed circuit board product no. 08401/Switching
tracks 83158/83758)
• Any number of stops in the shuttle train mode
• Automatic activation of the preset braking and
acceleration time as well as the stopping time
• The automatic control can be switched off
Manufacturer: Tillig
Gauge: TT
Power system: DC
Delivery Date:Q4/2009
Manufacturer price:149,90 €

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