Power system DC
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Roco 10788
Control element

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This controller set is best suited for beginners and running just one train. It consists of one controller and plug-in transformer, designed to compliment each other. The controller gives a definite forwards and backwards control and speed settings. The control knob clicks gently into a zero position. Automatic overload protection. Easy connection to the layout using the pressure connection clips.

Technical data:
■ Running voltage: 0–14 V=/0.6 A
■ Separate accessory output: 14 V=/0.85 A
■ Automatic overload protection
■ Regulator with zero point setting
Producent: Roco
Nr artykułu:10788
Skala: Neutral
System elektryczny: Prąd stały DC
Cena u producenta:79,90 €

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