H0 1:87
Power system DC
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Trix 62672

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Right Curved Turnout

ner curve 30°, radius 360 mm / 14-3/16" (R1). Outer curver 30° in the parallel curve spacing of 77.5 mm / 3-1/16". Manual hand lever included. Can be retrofitted with a turnout mechanism, a digital decoder and turnout lanterns.

Highlights: Ingenious turnout geometry: can be installed in any position. Adjustment: minimum number of adjustment track combinations required. Grid: length of turnout combinations is 360 mm. Running against a turnout setting is allowed: spring-loaded metal switch rails. Hands off: can be retrofitted with electric mechanism. Display: LED turnout lanterns can be retrofitted. Contact: metal frog can be polarized. Digital technology: turnout decoder can be retrofitted. International: RP 25 equipment will be available later. Trix Systems turnout decoder will be available later.
Producent: Trix
Nr artykułu:62672
Skala: H0
System elektryczny: Prąd stały DC
Cena u producenta:28,99 €


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