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Turntable with electric below-baseboard propulsion mechanism and control unit.

Suitable for all NEM (European model railway standard) compatible two-rail DC and three-rail AC model railways. Bridge length: 253 mm; this is equivalent to 22 m on an original railway.

The minimum angle between two track connections is 9 degrees. Spacers for 1°, 3°, 6° and 9° divisions are supplied with the turntable. This means that any division from 9° upwards in 1° stages between the track connections is feasible.

The maximum number of track connections that can be made is 40. Four track connections for two-rail DC operation are supplied with the turntable.

Further track connections are available as accessories (42616).

If the turntable is to be used with a three-rail AC model railway, your specialist dealer will exchange the enclosed original DC pack to a pack of three-rail AC track connections (42617).

The turntable bridge drive is powered by 14 V AC. Depending on the system used, traction power supply will either be DC or AC. The turntable is equipped with a control unit for preselecting the direction of rotation and starting the turntable rotation.

When you let go of the turntable switch, the turntable halts exactly at the next track connection. Technically, the turntable is prepared for a preselection control system that permits direct addressing of the desired track connection. Just like on a real-life turntable, it is also possible to choose between two rotation speeds. Traction power is fed in via the turntable. The traction voltage of the track connections can be assigned via the control unit. This prevents a locomotive that is currently parked from inadvertently moving off if two track connections are located directly opposite to one another.*

One 1-meter 5-pole cable (connection between transformer and control unit) and one 2-meter 8-pole cable (connection between control unit with the turntable) are enclosed.

Installation dimensions:
Required installation opening: 280 mm.
Installation depth measured from table top edge: 50 mm.
External diameter of the turntable without track connections: 307 mm.

Turntable bridge length: 253 mm.
Suitable for all locomotives up to a total wheel base of 250 mm.

* The terminal loop module is required when using the turntable in DCC mode (digital).
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