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Power system AC
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Märklin 74491
Electric Turnout Mechanism

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Electric Turnout Mechanism

This is a kit for converting C Track turnouts to electric and digital operation. It has a double solenoid mechanism with end shut-off contacts. It can be operated from an accessory controller or by means of a digital decoder. A feedback function is possible with the 7271/72710 accessory controllers. This electric mechanism can be installed and connected on turnouts very easily without special tools. The mechanism sits hidden in the roadbed; below-baseboard mounting is not required. It is encapsulated against dirt and is protected against overloads with the end shut-off contacts. The mechanism can be controlled by means of a normal accessory controller, an accessory controller with a feedback function, or a digital decoder. The hand lever can be left on the turnout for manual control.

Note: The 24624 double slip switch already has a special mechanism built in.
Producent: Märklin
Nr artykułu:74491
Skala: H0
System elektryczny: Prąd zmienny AC
kategoria asortymentu:Hobby C-Gleis
Data wydania:2020
Cena u producenta:25,99 €

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