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Noch 99355
PROFI Foam Train Service Tray

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Description & specifications

PROFI Foam Train Service Tray

Developed by professionals for professionals, this is reflected in the many details of these Foam Train Service Trays.
The PROFI Foam Train Service Tray has two hollows for your locomotives. In one, the locomotive can be clamped upside down in the soft foam. It is now easy to inspect from below, and gears and axles can be easily oiled. Locos and waggons can be placed sideways or diagonally upside down in the sloping tray. This allows side panels to be cleaned and engines and piston rods to be repaired, as well as many other servicing jobs.

The Foam Train Service Trays have different compartments and recesses, in which a brush, oil pen and tools can fit. Small parts and screws can be stored in the integrated compartments. So that small parts do not get lost, a magnetic disc is incorporated in one compartment. The tiniest screws, for example, adhere to it.
Manufacturer: Noch
Gauge: Neutral
Dimensions (LxWxH):300 x 210 x 55 mm
Delivery Date:10/2019
Manufacturer price:63,99 €