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Games Workshop 60-07
Citadel Water Pot

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Description & specifications

Citadel Water Pot

The Citadel Water Pot is more than just a water vessel and was designed by painters for painters. The bottom and inner side walls of the Water Pot, which is made of sturdy gray plastic, have corrugated sections whose texture has been chosen to clean brushes in the most effective way. Depressions on the top allow you to store your brushes horizontally when you are not using them, and the sides have tapered grooves - once you've cleaned your brush in water, pull the brush hair through these grooves to get a nice, fine one again Get top!

The water pot has a diameter of 100 mm at the bottom and is 90 mm high.
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Gauge: Neutral
Manufacturer price:8,00 €

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