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Viessmann 5205
Power module with distribution strip

Aanbevolen verkoopprijs van fabrikant: 22,95 €

16,68 €
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17,33 USD
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Store Detmold

Beschrijving & Gegevens

Power module with distribution strip

A compact module for easy connection and bright LED lighting without flickering. The distribution strip on the top allows a comfortable connection of 12 loads without soldering, just by plugging the leads of resistors and diodes into the sockets of the distribution strip. Ideal for the interior lighting setsitem-No. 6045-6048. Cables for connection to a transformer are included. Input voltage 16 V AC, output voltage approx. 22 V DC, max. current 400 mA continuously, overcurrent protection. Dimensions (without mounting):3,7 x 2,6 x 2,2 cm
Fabrikant: Viessmann
Spoor: Neutral
Fabrikantprijs:22,95 €

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