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Power system AC
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NMJ 95990
Kit for change to AC Märklin system

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Beskrivning och uppgifter

NMJ Topline conversion kit for all NMJ Topline Topline Di3 and nohab models.

Contains the following:

- New gearbox lid with towing shoe mounted.
- 6 wheel axles with AC wheel profile.
Conversion kit for those who wish to build Nohab models (Article number NMJT90XXX) to the AC / AC power system. Soldering must be calculated when assembling this set. The wheels must be replaced in both gearboxes and the new cover with tow shoes is mounted and soldered to the printed circuit board.

Individual adjustment of the basic model must be calculated, especially when using high-pitched rails such as M-rails and older generation K rails. The kit is mainly intended for those who have a good knowledge of electronics and technology. There is no guarantee of damage caused by rebuilding and soldering.

When converting audio editions, decoder can be used on Motorola and MFX formats. When converting DC analog models, decoder must be installed in the locomotive for operation on AC (not included).
Tillverkare: NMJ
spår: H0
Elsystem: Växelström AC