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Faller 163740
5 self-flashing LEDs, red

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5 self-flashing LEDs, red

Eye-catcher! Light-emitting diodes with built-in microcircuit, to be used wherever a flashing lamp is required, e. g. as a visual signal on stationary models of vehicles (police, rescue service, fire brigade, construction industry, municipal companies, or agriculture), during gate opening and shutting movements, for the illumination of funfair models, and many others more.

Supply voltage: 3–4 V DC
Current input: up to 20 mA
Flashing rate: approx. 1.5 Hz

International component size: 0805
Length: 2 mm
Width: 1.25 mm
Height: 1.1 mm

Advice: For lighting effects on Car System vehicles, use the Flashing lights, Art. 163760 to 163765.
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