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Track Cleaner

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Track Cleaner

Little helpers, great effect!
The Track Cleaners - ingenious invention for the cleaning of model railway tracks - are available for gauge H0, TT, N and also for the H0 scale US wagons.

The application is just simple:
· The Track Cleaners consist of a rugged plastic body with a brush-like cleaning surface which removes the dirt on the rails effectively.
· The Cleaners are simply clipped on the axles of a wagon - and then they clean the rails during the normal driving operation in both directions - virtually incidentally!
· The Track Cleaners H0 are suitable for H0-dual-axis wagons of the brands Märklin®, Fleischmann®, Roco®, Piko® and Trix® (axle diameter maximum 2.0 mm). For TT and N scale cars they can be used for two-axle wagons of all brands (axle diameter maximum 1.4 mm).
· The H0 US Track Cleaners are suitable for US wagons (axle diameter maximum 3.0 mm).
· Die Track Cleaners are suitable for both DC and AC tracks as well.
· Only if the cleaning surface is very dirty, the Track Cleaner should be changed.
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