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Busch 7593
Scenery Adhesive

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Scenery Adhesive

Busch scenery adhesive was developed by model construction professionals especially for securing sand, crushed stone, grass flocking, and other scenery materials, etc. This low-viscosity adhesive has a very low surface tension. Different methods of use are possible: 1. The scenery adhesive can be thinly applied to the scenery base with a brush and then thin layers of sand or other materials can be applied. Because of the adhesive’s low surface tension the material doesn’t float on top, but sinks into the adhesive and is firmly secured to the base. 2. Drip the adhesive between plants (e.g. the shrubs corn plants or wheat ears) with the provided pipette and then add sand, soil or other scenery materials. 3. The perfect ballast adhesive: apply the crushed stone, gravel, etc. around the track and ties, arrange with a brush or tweezers accumulate and use the provided pipette to drip the adhesive onto the ballast. The adhesive flows between the stones and secures them firmly in place. Busch Scenery adhesive dries clear and can be diluted with water. Supplied with convenient pipette.
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