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Faller 163710
Car System Chassis kit N-Bus, N-Lorry

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Opis i dane

Make the stationary vehicle model of your choice fit for Car System.

Chassis kit to motorize stationary models of N buses and N trucks for Car System operation.

Set contains all vehicle components required for the assembly of a fully functioning two- or three-axle Car System N gauge chassis (bus and truck), except the rechargeable batteries: Motor with worm, Motor holder with worm wheel and driving axle, Driving wheels, Front axle with wheels, Steering rod with magnet, Front axle holder, Switch, Charging socket, Dry-reed sensor, Resistors to adjust the charging current.

Conversion info:

- Fastening of motor in gear unit at choice horizontal (e.g. in buses and trucks with dropped frame) or vertical (e.g. in semitrailer trucks)
- Axle bases (horizontal motor) can be selected continuously between 25 mm and 43 mm
- Axle bases (vertical motor) can be selected continuously between 20 mm and 40 mm
- Width: approx. 16 mm
Producent: Faller
Nr artykułu:163710
Skala: N
Data wydania:10/2019
Cena u producenta:69,99 €

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