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Faller 161651

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Traffic Control

The new Traffic Control! Modified and improved. It will gradually take the place of the previous Traffic Control (161772). That control unit is able to reproduce practically every conceivable traffic situation on the model installation.
The control unit has 8 inputs and 8 outputs.
With detailed instructions for use.
Everything is possible

The new control unit offers more possibilities than Art. 161772. In addition to improved terminals, improved operational reliability, and reverse polarity protection the Traffic Control comes with new programs. A total of 15 programs in the form of various combinations of inputs and outputs are now available. Programs can be conveniently selected by means of a microswitch. Depending on the program chosen, two periods of time can be adjusted at the outputs by means of a rotary control knob, and thus suit your personal requirements.
Producent: Faller
Nr artykułu:161651
Skala: Neutral
System elektryczny: all
Data wydania:2013
Cena u producenta:89,99 €


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