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Faller 161472
Car System Conversion chassis VW

UPV producenta: 99,99 €

71,42 €
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74,43 USD
Dostępne od producenta, Termin dostawy: 5 -10 Werktage
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Opis i dane

Pre-assembled, fully functioning Car System H0 chassis to convert two-axle stationary VW T5 models of manufacturer WIKING for Car System operation.

Vehicle’s Technical Details
• Powerful, wear-resistant motor
• Solid rubber tires
• Vehicle comes with integrated battery
• Multiple hours of run-time per battery charge
• Integrated charging jack
• Use chargers (art. 161349 or art. 161690)

Please note:
• Only use original FALLER products for constructing roads to ensure safe operation
• Detailed vehicle manual
Producent: Faller
Nr artykułu:161472
Skala: H0
Data wydania:06/2019
Cena u producenta:99,99 €


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