I 1:32
Power system DC
Note to EU Toys Directive 2009/48/EC: Warning, not suitable for children under 15.

Märklin 55160
Series S 2/6

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Description & specifications

Express train steam locomotive S 2/6 in green basic color with red wheels. Conceived by the K.Bay.St.B. as a locomotive for high-speed tests. Locomotive number 3201. Reproduction of the condition around 2017. The machine has been preserved and is in the Nuremberg Transport Museum.

- Completely new development
- Highly detailed full metal construction
- Running gear, superstructure, boiler, etc. made of die-cast zinc, attachment parts made of brass
- Newly developed decoder generation with current buffer and up to 32 functions
- Smoke generator with wheel-synchronous steam emission, cylinder steam front/rear and steam whistle
- Load-controlled wheel-synchronous driving sound
- Smoke chamber door and dome cover can be opened with many original details
- Headlights with epoch-appropriate light coloring and warm white LEDs
- Switchable red rear light
- Firebox flickering in two colors in connection with the automatically opening firebox flap in sequence with a motorized rotating stoker figure which imitates shoveling coal
- Motorized lowerable imitation of the tender charcoal replica
- Cab lighting
- mfx decoder for operation with alternating current, direct current, Märklin Digital and DCC
- Control switching (forwards, backwards, continuous operation) in 3 stages with servo motor
- Telex coupling at the back, screw coupling at the front (1x also included in the scope of delivery to swap for the rear)

Complete new construction from metal. Chassis, locomotive body with boiler and driver's cab made of die-cast zinc. Other attachments are mostly made of metal (MS). Elaborate model with many applied elements and highly detailed driver's cab. Smokebox door to open. Movable driver's cab doors and much more. With mfx digital decoder with 32 functions, controlled high-efficiency propulsion and sound generator with wheel-synchronous driving sound and extensive sound functions. Can be operated with alternating current, direct current, Märklin Digital and DCC. Built-in buffer capacitor. All driving axles powered. Built-in smoke generator with wheel synchronous steam ejection, multi-stage cylinder steam and steam whistle. Engine lighting, triple headlights with era-appropriate light colors that change with the direction of travel. The headlights will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. Lighting with maintenance-free warm white LEDs.
Red end-of-train signal that can be switched on/off and driver's cab lighting. Digital switch, multicolored firebox lighting (flickering) with motorized firebox flap and rotating stoker figure for prototypical reproduction of loading the firebox. Switchable motorized lowering tender carbon imitation. Equipped with spring buffers, locomotive model has a screw coupler at the front and a remote-controlled Telex coupler at the rear (can be swapped for a screw coupler at the rear). Control switching (forwards, backwards, continuous operation) in 3 stages. Built-in train driver figure.
The model comes with an equipment package with a screw coupling, steam oil and gloves. Mounted on a black painted aluminum base for showcase presentation. Minimum radius that can be driven on is 1,020 mm. Length over the buffers approx. 66.2 cm. Weight approx. 6.8 kg.
Manufacturer: Märklin
Gauge: I
Railway Company:K.Bay.Sts.B.
Power system: DC
Energy StorageYes
Length over buffer:66,2 cm
Navigable minimum radius:1.020 mm
Interior Fittings:digital control of cabin light
Interior Fittings:Firebox flickering
Headlights:Double headlights, alternating with travel direction
Smoke Generator:Yes
MaterialFahrgestell und Aufbau aus Metall
Delivery Date:4. Quartal 2022
Manufacturer price:3590,00 €

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