H0 1:87
Power system AC
mfx+ Decoder
KK-Kulisse am Tender
Note to EU Toys Directive 2009/48/EC: Warning, not suitable for children under 15.

Märklin 39491
E 991 series

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Description & specifications

The most beautiful steam locomotive of the Danish State Railways (DSB) was the (Litra) E series. It originated from eleven Pacific express train locomotives of the Swedish State Railways (SJ) of the F series, which were withdrawn from service there in 1937 due to increasing electrification. The DSB was able to take over these powerful locomotives and then included them in their inventory as road numbers E 964-974. From 1940 the DSB urgently needed more powerful steam locomotives and so they had 25 locomotives of the E series built by Frichs in Aarhus as the E 975-999 with minor improvements. Until the 1960s, the Pacifics stood their "man" in front of passenger and freight trains, but then one after the other had to be put on the siding. However, several locomotives were preserved, including the E 991 as the official DSB museum locomotive. Until 2010 it was in almost continuous operation for special services and on 14 November 2000 it had the great honor of driving the special train with the coffin of the late Queen Ingrid of Copenhagen to the burial in Roskilde as the lead locomotive.

Model: The locomotive has an mfx+ digital decoder and extensive light and sound functions. Controlled high-efficiency propulsion with a flywheel in the boiler. Three axles powered. traction tires. Locomotive and tender largely made of metal. A smoke generator is built in as standard. The triple headlights on the locomotive and tender change over with the direction of travel, and the built-in smoke unit will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. The emergency light on the smoke chamber door can be switched digitally separately. In addition, driver's cab lighting and the flickering fire in the firebox can be controlled separately and digitally. Lighting with maintenance-free warm white and red light-emitting diodes (LED). Adjustable coupling with kinematics between locomotive and tender. Kinematic-guided short coupling with NEM shaft on the tender. Minimum radius that can be driven on is 360 mm. Various attachable parts such as steps, brake hoses, pipes and imitation screw couplings are included. Length over the buffers approx. 24.5 cm.

175 years of railways in Denmark.

Prototype: Danish State Railways (DSB) class E 991 steam locomotive with a tender. Version as it looked around 2007.

Complete redesign.
Particularly filigree metal construction.
Standard built-in smoke generator.
Emergency light can be switched digitally separately.
The driver's cab lighting can be controlled separately and digitally.
Fire flickering in the firebox can be controlled digitally.

This model can be found in a DC version in the Trix H0 assortment under item number 25491.
Manufacturer: Märklin
Gauge: H0
Railway Company:DSB
Power system: AC
Motor5-pin motor
Anzahl angetriebene Achsen3
Flywheel mass:Yes
Interior Fittings:digital control of cabin light
Interior Fittings:Firebox flickering
Length over buffer:245 mm
Navigable minimum radius:360 mm
Coupler:Shaft NEM 362 with KK-Kinematik at tender
Headlights:Three front headlights, changing with travel direction
Smoke Generator:Yes
Delivery Date:September 2022
Manufacturer price:629,00 €


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