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Verlagsgruppe Bahn 920041
Model Train School 41

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Description & specifications

Modellbahn Schule 41 - All around the track
Track and environment design

The title theme in the model railway school is all about the railway. The demands on the detailing of model railway tracks have increased enormously, especially in H0. A market overview shows today's offer. With the increase in details, the production of series-produced tracks becomes more complicated, as the production of the Weinert track "My Track" shows by way of example.

If locomotives are not equipped with standard-compliant wheels, you have to intervene yourself Derailment safety.

Telegraph poles have been a loyal companion to the tracks since the steam locomotive era, which lasted well into epoch IV and can still be found on some routes today. Their setup opens up many opportunities to make a plant believable. Stretching with wires is also a special challenge.

Interesting insights into the private life of the little Preiserlein are provided by a showpiece with everyday scenes that Horst Preiser designed over many years.

The model railway school Author Jörg Chocholaty again takes a Culemeyer transport car. The Weinert kit received steerable wheels. Bruno Kaiser reports on the construction of a harbor barge made of Resin from Artitec. New products from Microrama simplify the production of own trees and shrubs. A practical test shows the working methods with the two new electrostates together with the appropriate fiber and sheet products from Mircorama. Also new is the large barn of an East Prussian farm, an uncompromising HMB model implementation.

Focus: Around the track

Pin Art: Every model railroader dreams of a spacious landscape with a marvelous route. But only the appearance of the track and the prototypical design of the immediate trappings make your heart beat faster.
My track: Rolf Weinert has been systematically building his own H0 track system for around ten years, which is new in the area of detailing Setting standards. Not much has been published so far.
New railroads: The Weinert rail system can be processed like normal H0 tracks from other providers, but in practice requires a few other moves than previously usual.
Observe the norm !: Annoying when a new locomotive makes problems in standardized crossings and switches. This is usually due to the non-standard set flange spacing of the wheelsets. But there is a valid NEM standard since 1977.
Where am I ?: If the engine driver is on the way, he should always know where he is with his train. This was possible before the age of GPS tracking only with regularly established mileage at the edge of the track ..
The singing wire: Telegraph poles are actually the symbol of the steam locomotive era. In fact, however, they survived on secondary lines up to the diesel era of Epochs IV and V.
Communication: Without the telegraphy and the tolling and later without the fixed-line telephone, communication between the block stations, the stations and locomotive drivers in the train would not be possible been. Today there is the train radio and the mobile phone.
Bunge me: So that winter a track in the open area is not blocked by snowdrifts, the train has tried very early various systems as windbreak, some of which are still valid today.
Attention to detail

A look behind the walls: For years Preiser has been offering interior design accessories. Horst Preiser has created a remarkable showpiece.

Road Traffic
Trains: In the second part about Culemeyer transports Jörg Chocholaty assembled the Weinert model of the R42 in H0 and reports on possible changes.
\u003c |\u003e Marine
Harbor Traveler: Artitec has been offering a launch as a kit for quite some time now.
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