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Introduction to the digital model railway

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Introduction to the digital model railway
Basic principles and practice explained step by step
120 pages in the format 23.5 x 26.5 cm, softcover cover, with 290 photos, drawings and graphics
Author: Tobias Pütz \u003c |\u003e
Anyone who starts with model railroading today (or gets back in as an old hand) starts almost automatically with a digitally controlled train. Most starter kits from major manufacturers include a digital driver that can serve as the foundation for further expansion of model train control. At least here come up with a beginner the first questions: What options do I have and what do I have to do to use them? Of course, the same questions are also asked of a plant owner who wants to modernize his model railway ...

This book is a very basic one. Independent of the manufacturer, basic information on the technical function of the model railway is provided (track, current, bits, bytes, data transmission, etc.). In the next chapters, the individual components involved in (digital) operation will be explained in detail and easy to understand, from decoders to detectors and control panels. However, the interaction of the various components is ultimately essential for the enjoyment of the model railway. The book gives a lot of space to the questions, what can be combined and which parts are meaningful and recommendable for which game or operating idea. In this way, every model railroader can decide for himself how, in what direction and with which he wants to build and expand his system. Moreover, an introduction to topics such as "Action on the plant", "automation" or "do it yourself" opens up prospects for a long-lasting pleasure in the hobby model train.
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