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Power system DC
Note to EU Toys Directive 2009/48/EC: Warning, not suitable for children under 15.

Peco SLU396F
Medium radius Turnout

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Medium radius Turnout L/H (Unifrog)

Length; 137 mm (5 3/8in).
Nominal radius; 457 mm (18in).
Angle; 10°

SL-U396F replaces SL-E396F

UNIFROG combines the features of both Insulfrog and Electrofrog. As supplied the turnouts operate like an Insulfrog: the tip of the frog is a separate, isolated section, so will be dead when connected to a live layout. However, a wire has been welded to the underside of the frog tip that gives the modeller the option of "powering" the frog, i.e. connecting it to a microswitch, or changeover switch, which allows the frog tip to change polarity according to the direction for which the turnout is set. It's a much more versatile option for modellers, as it does not require any additional insulated breaks as these have been incorporated into the turnout. The opportunity has also been taken to modify the design slightly to include the sleepers at both ends of the unit.
Tillverkare: Peco
spår: N
Elsystem: Likström DC
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