H0 1:87
Power system DC
with interior lighting
Note to EU Toys Directive 2009/48/EC: Warning, not suitable for children under 15.

Roco 6200026
Genus Apo, Bpoz, 2x Bpo

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Description & specifications

Car set 1 with four Schlieren cars from the regular set for the “Jaffa Express” of the Austrian Federal Railways.

Consisting of a 1st class carriage, type Apo, a 2nd class carriage with buffet compartment “Stamperlwagen”, type Bpoz and two 2nd class carriages, type Bpo.

■ 1st class carriages with straight doors and double lights on top of each other at the front
■ Jaffa 1 livery: Color scheme with ivory colored aprons
■ With enclosed train route signs “D 535 Vienna Südbf – Villach”
■ Suitable for electric locomotive 1042.645, item no. 7500023, 7510023, 7520023

Due to the increase in frequency in city express train services, the 4010 series railcars were increasingly used on the Western Railway in the 1975 summer timetable. As a replacement for these sets, locomotive-hauled wagon trains with the then modern Schlieren wagons were to be used on the Southern Railway. In order to offer passengers more quality there, the Schlieren cars used in these trains were given plush-covered seats instead of the previous artificial leather seating. While the 1st class carriages were upgraded from existing carriages, the 2nd class carriages initially mostly came from 300 series carriages that were currently being delivered. These train sets were supplemented with newly purchased carriages for the outpatient buffet service - the so-called “Stamperlwagen” – from the same series.
These “urban express train sets” should also be striking from the outside. Therefore, the paintwork of these cars was based on ET 4010, although blood orange was used instead of blue to match series 1042.5, which was to be used in front of these trains. In the train plans, these cars were referred to as “g. K.” marked – car with increased comfort. These blood orange-ivory features were very striking, and appeared much more pleasing than the previous green tones. The term “Jaffa Express” was quickly born. After the delivery of 1044.01 and 02, these two locomotives could also be observed in these rounds.
Manufacturer: Roco
Gauge: H0
Railway Company:ÖBB
Power system: DC
Coupler:Shaft NEM 362 with KK kinematics
Length over buffer:1088 mm
Interior Fittings:with arranged interior
Interior Fittings:with interior lighting
Delivery Date:Q1 / 2024
Manufacturer price:239,90 €

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