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Herpa 551793
Self-Propelled pass. stairs

UPV producenta: 11,95 €

8,44 €
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9,02 USD
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Sklep w Detmold

Opis i dane

moveable passenger stairs

The accessories for diorama building in the 1/200 scale, hitherto consisting of figurines, catering vehicles, container vehicles, the Kögel KAMA Tow Bear as well as jetways and tractor is now complemented by a self-propelled jetway.
The telescopic stairway can be extended to the lower section of an A380 in the 1/200 scale and is flexible enough to use on many airplane types. The undercarriage is equipped with rollable wheels.

Made of high quality plastic
Producent: Herpa
Nr artykułu:551793
Skala: 1:200
kategoria asortymentu:WINGS
Data wydania:2014
Cena u producenta:11,95 €

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