Informacja w kontekście Dyrektywy WE o zabawkach 2009/48/WE:  Uwaga, nieprzystosowane dla dzieci poniżej 15 roku życia.

Herpa 559201
"50th Anniversary"

UPV producenta: 86,95 €

39,49 €
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44,59 USD
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Opis i dane

Luftwaffe Transall C-160 - LTG 61 / Air Transport Wing 61 "50th Anniversary" - 5048

Designed by Walter Maurer for the 50th anniversary of Transport Wing 61, this special scheme underlines the importance of tolerance and respect for a life in peace. It also promotes integration and is directed against racism and violence - topics that continue to be current today.

Scale: 1:200
Material: Made of metal
Collection: WINGS
Announced as: New release
Brochure: Herpa Wings 2018 / 05-06
Producent: Herpa
Nr artykułu:559201
Skala: 1:200
Data wydania:05-06/2018
Cena u producenta:86,95 €

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