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Lenz 45060
rotating track

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Description & specifications

Original text Lenz:

"Practical plate:
We call it a turntable because typical features of a turntable such as the pit are missing. You can still turn a locomotive with it. Even as a carpet runner.

Enviable for those who have a hall-like area available for their 0-gauge layout, the "normal" zeros usually have to be content with less space. It is not uncommon for a terminus or terminus to be the choice. A turntable would be welcome here, on which locomotives in particular can be turned that reverse only slowly or not at all. A turntable, however, requires a certain installation depth because of the pit and the stage, which in turn is quite unfavorable for the carpet trackers who are often found among the "zeros". Who would want a hole in the floor for the turntable ...

Out of this dilemma the idea of the rotating track was born. The entire construction is exactly as high as a track from the Lenz track range. The turntable does not need a recess and can therefore also be used by carpet railroaders.

The turntable has a total of 32 exits, 31 of which can be used for rail connections. The first exit is used by the drive and therefore cannot be used as a rail connection.
The turntable comes with 8 pieces of track with which you can equip four exits. Further pieces of track (8 pieces in each bag) are available under item no. 49020 available from specialist retailers or via the Dunseren online shop.
The outlets have an angle of 11.25 ° to each other. This angle corresponds to that of the switches in our track system.
The outside diameter is 586 mm, this is the length of a double crossing switch (DKW) of the Lenz 0 track system - click on the picture on the right ...
The turntable can be controlled digitally via the Digital plus by Lenz system or any other digital control that conforms to the DCC standard. The control of the rotating track in the DCC system is similar to the switching of points. Each exit has its own turnout address together with its directly opposite exit. So 16 turnout addresses are used for the 32 exits of the turntable. By selecting this turnout address on the digital control, you determine which exit from the turntable should be approached. You can also determine the direction of rotation. To turn, you operate the turntable like a turnout: select the address on the speed controller, press the "+" button to turn clockwise, the "-" button to turn counterclockwise, the turntable moves to the selected exit and stops automatically.
The known reverse loop problem with turntables has also been solved, more information on this in the operating instructions. Four outlets are included in the scope of delivery, another four outlets are available as accessories. "
Manufacturer: Lenz
Gauge: 0
Delivery Date:Q2/2021
Manufacturer price:499,00 €


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