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Viessmann 4568
Motorized point machine

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Description & specifications

Motorized point machine for Märklin/Trix C track

For installation in Märklin and Trix C road bed points. Additional switching outputs for relays or LEDs.

Motorized point machine

This special point machine is a powerful, silent drive with its respective digital decoder. The electronics can be conveniently accommodated in the track bedding. The point machine stands out for the prototypical slow movement of the point blades. Speed and motion are controlled electronically and ensure a sensitive drive. If – due to the characteristics of your turnout – the direction of the turnout does not fit with the switching direction of the command station, it is possible to set the point motor to reverse mode. The associated decoder is suitable for DC/AC, MM and DCC and is able to send the requested position or the actual position by RailCom to corresponding digital command stations e. g. Viessmann Commander item 5300/5320. Analogue mode is possible. Additional switching outputs for relays or LEDs and for a conventional feedback and frog polarisation complete the functions of the point machine. Their function is configurable.

For Märklin C turnouts:
24611 left hand turnout
24612 right hand turnout
24624 double slip switch DKW
24630 three way turnout (2.pieces drives)
20671 left curved turnout with manual hand lever
20672 right curved turnout with manual hand lever
24671 left curved turnout
24672 right curved turnout
24711 left hand wide radius turnout
24712 right hand wide radius turnout
24771 curved turnout left
24772 curved turnout right

For Trix C turnouts:
62611 C track left hand turnout
62612 C track right hand turnout
62624 C track double slip switch
62671 C track left curved turnout
62672 C track right curved turnout
62711 left hand wide radius turnout
62712 right hand wide radius turnout
62771 curved turnout left
62772 curved turnout right

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Manufacturer: Viessmann
Gauge: H0
Data formatsMM, DCC, RailCom
Delivery Date:2019
Manufacturer price:53,95 €